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 AMTM Charity (Assistance Medical toit du Monde)

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PostSubject: AMTM Charity (Assistance Medical toit du Monde)   AMTM Charity (Assistance Medical toit du Monde) EmptyMon 27 Mar - 17:49

We are supporting a very useful charity and would like your support! Here is a few examples of some examples of how they others helped to make a difference.



Children are abandoned in the streets or live in the prisons if their mother gave birth to them there. They suffer from malnutrition and the lack of hygiene. They are treated badly, are victims of shameful works, prostitution and organ trafficking.

Young girls, from twelve years old onward, are married against their will, 26% before they are 16. They are victims of precarious sanitary conditions and the absence of medical care. Life expectancy for women reaches 57 years. They are often abandoned; many of them are homeless, living in a tent, under a box, or even in a burrow! In Nepal, when 44 women know how to read and write, 100 men do.

Buildings are often timeworn, or even inexistent: schools, housings, and work places. Equipment insalubrious: kitchen, dining room, sanitary appliances, bedding. Electricity is often absent or strongly rationed.

Water, when it is available, is not drinkable. It worsens the situation and signs away the long-term effectiveness of our medical intervention.


On November 5th, 2002, AMTM was proud to open the Children of Sagarmatha orphanage that would be under the direction of the Nepalese organization Sagarmatha Destitutes Services Organization, helping all needy people from the Himalayan Mountains. The management of this orphanage will be under mutual control of both the Nepalese organization and AMTM. For the beginning, AMTM chose to rent a house suitable for 50 children.

Today, the main objective is to provide one year's financial cover in order to be able to face any problem. Forty-five children have already been welcomed and under the protection of their new family. Indeed, Phinzo Sherpa and his wife, a Nepalese couple, have accepted to take care of these children. Such is not a thin commitment. Thanks to sponsorships and gifts, AMTM can support them totally and offer a harmonious adolescence to these ill-treated by life.


In the Far East, as in all developing countries, when there is no lack of water, the latter is polluted. Non-drinkable, it brings health under risk; diseases due to germs and chemical pollution are numerous.

Drinking water in Orissa. The drinking water distribution system, set up by AMTM in a Tibetan refugees' village, and inaugurated in May 2001, functions perfectly well. A great success, in all points of view. Two volunteers, the one geophysicist and the other doctor, made two missions on the site. They confirmed the project success. It is a satisfaction for the villagers: from now on, the running water is available at every doorstep, thus transforming the life of 700 people.


It has now been six years since we started following the 510 children from the Buddha Memorial Children's Home, an orphanage in Kathmandu. For all these years we have built or renovated the kitchen, the showers and toilets, the washing-place, the nursery and some classrooms. These classrooms were sufficient at the beginning, but the children are growing up, and in numbers; the rooms have become too small. Building works have started to create six new classrooms.

Here are the websites you can donate the money to.



If you have other sites to donate please let us know. This will make a difference!

¤(¯`·._) Mikélana (¯`·._)¤
AMTM Charity (Assistance Medical toit du Monde) LeRoi-Sole
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AMTM Charity (Assistance Medical toit du Monde)
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